Killer Kaftans

Whenever I stay in a smart hotel on a beach holiday – especially American hotels which are heavily air conditioned. I always struggle with what to wear for breakfast – tough life!

Is it ok to wear a kaftan over a bikini, which is what I prefer. Or do I have to be smarter and wear a dress or shorts and a shirt and then have to change before hitting the beach.

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Rush Job

I had an hour to spare and was passing H&M (Hennes if you were born before 1980!) and decided to pop in.

Their adverts are shot brilliantly, however when I see the clothes in the flesh I find the fabric can be a bit hit and miss.

After a quick whizz around I was in the fitting room with an armful of clothes.

I had decided to grab anything that took my fancy regardless of whether it was my usual style or colour.

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Thai Me Up Thai Me Down


Now, I’m no Delia but as I have a husband and kids that need feeding I do try to cook different meals so we don’t get too bored (pasta pesto anyone? – yes I know it’s not real cooking!)

As a busy mum I don’t have much time mid week to spend cooking.
Therefore, I always have my eyes out looking for recipes that I can prep beforehand and then cook quickly.
So when I spied a delicious looking Thai Beef Salad in Madeleine Shaw’s book  “Get the Glow” . I thought it was worth a try.
This is what I’m going to recreate.


So I chop and crush and whisk a bit and end up with my prep.

Pretty professional looking? After searing the steaks and assembling mine looks like this……..
Hmmm? Ok, it is more of a nod to the original but was packed with flavour and tasted perfect.
Hubby agreed too.
Yes, I know it is a lobster and I didn’t serve any crustaceans but I had to work with what I had – am going to check out Anthropologie  right now.

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Friday 13th – my first post

 I thought I would start with a fashion post. You know when you see how someone has laid their outfit very stylishly on the floor in a “look what I’ve thrown together way”?
Well here is my first attempt.

Not bad eh!

I don’t know how to tag anything yet to show what the outfit is – it only took 3 hours to figure out how to put the photo on so bear with me.
I then thought I should try it all on. Would you believe that in a house full of teenagers we don’t have a selfie stick. This is my terrible selfie.
Off with her head – no make up on and dodgy hair so think yourselves lucky.
If you are interested in what i’m wearing – here goes
Jacket – Alexa Chung for M&S
T.shirt – Monrow you can get similar in Gap
Shorts –  J. Crew
Sandals – Petite Mendigote
Bag – Accessorise
All done !