Friday 13th – my first post

 I thought I would start with a fashion post. You know when you see how someone has laid their outfit very stylishly on the floor in a “look what I’ve thrown together way”?
Well here is my first attempt.

Not bad eh!

I don’t know how to tag anything yet to show what the outfit is – it only took 3 hours to figure out how to put the photo on so bear with me.
I then thought I should try it all on. Would you believe that in a house full of teenagers we don’t have a selfie stick. This is my terrible selfie.
Off with her head – no make up on and dodgy hair so think yourselves lucky.
If you are interested in what i’m wearing – here goes
Jacket – Alexa Chung for M&S
T.shirt – Monrow you can get similar in Gap
Shorts –  J. Crew
Sandals – Petite Mendigote
Bag – Accessorise
All done !

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