Rush Job

I had an hour to spare and was passing H&M (Hennes if you were born before 1980!) and decided to pop in.

Their adverts are shot brilliantly, however when I see the clothes in the flesh I find the fabric can be a bit hit and miss.

After a quick whizz around I was in the fitting room with an armful of clothes.

I had decided to grab anything that took my fancy regardless of whether it was my usual style or colour.

Interesting times ahead……….

This is what I took home.


They reminded me of the Isabel Marant Etoile Nea Jeans


When I put the photos together I’m not so sure!

Before I go any further please excuse the photos of me – still have a long way to go on editing and the actual taking of a photo. It’s my birthday soon and I’m hoping to get a decent camera to take beautiful pictures!


I LOVE them on – a really flattering shape on me – not too tight and they elevate a simple black t shirt into something of a striking look but casual at the same time.

This maxi dress which isn’t my style usually and looks very drab in the photo.


But hey presto I think it looks really pretty. Here I am wearing it a few different ways to show its versatility.
















That was my H&M minuscule haul- I did try on a lot more but the fabric/fit or frump factor kicked in and they didn’t make the cut.

I had ordered this dress online from Topshop. I had seen it on doesmybumlook40. Again not my usual style.

Rush Job

A definite keeper

Rush Job

On reflection (and looking at the photos) the H & M dress looks better with a jacket – maybe I need to try it on again with a better bra?

So, even when rushed for time I managed to pick up a few bargains.

Happy days!

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