Killer Kaftans

Whenever I stay in a smart hotel on a beach holiday – especially American hotels which are heavily air conditioned. I always struggle with what to wear for breakfast – tough life!

Is it ok to wear a kaftan over a bikini, which is what I prefer. Or do I have to be smarter and wear a dress or shorts and a shirt and then have to change before hitting the beach.

Or is it just me who thinks this way?

I’m useless at packing a capsule wardrobe so usually end up using all my baggage allowance plus the kids’ so I have enough outfits for 3 changes a day – I’m not joking.

The upshot is that I’m on a mission to find some reasonably-priced kaftans or beach dresses which are suitable for ANY situation, so they can’t be too flimsy, strappy or showing too much bikini. I don’t want to put anyone off their breakfast!

Lets start with Hush who have a very strong summer collection.











These are my favourites as they have enough coverage and the colours really pop. On the Hush site they have some beautiful smocked strapless maxi dresses but they don’t work for my figure – I’m sure there is a proper name for those little underarm bits of fat!

Next stop is good old ASOS, you can spend literally hours wading through their vast stock, they have tons of beach dresses but they are definitely geared towards a younger body.I have narrowed it down to two for my purposes.










The Misguided dress is lined so no see through dilemma, the model is wearing it pretty loosely tied so I’m not sure if when it’s pulled tighter the dress could lose its shape.

I love the striped dress, it looks very chic and French Riviera-ish, low cut so would have to see it on me, maybe with a white bikini I could get away with it – and sitting up very straight at the table!

For a real boho look then Star Mela is reasonably priced and they look a lot more expensive with lots of embroidery if thats your thing. If it is then get in quick as they are selling out fast.










Lastly, I had a quick look on Beachcafe who sell more designer beachwear than the brands I have already mentioned in this post.

Seafolly is about the cheapest and their quality and fit are superb. I have a few bikinis and they are very flattering. I particularly like this eye-catching print and both styles would work for my “wear in ANY situation brief”.











All I need to do now is book a holiday!










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