Wake up and smell the coffee


First thing I do in the morning is make coffee, it is my daily ritual. When feeling particularly virtuous I neck a glass of tepid water and a slice of lemon beforehand.

When I first worked in an office in the mid eighties everyone drank Nescafe. You could get decent coffee from small Italian sandwich shops but it wasn’t until the likes of Starbucks opened in 1998 that I really discovered coffee.


Obviously Walter has just had a cup of my coffee!

So don’t you just hate it when you buy one and it’s either too weak or too bitter?

When it’s crap I’m so annoyed with myself because I can make it home for a fraction of the price.

As the only coffee drinker at home I use my Aeropress which only makes enough for one cup. You do need to have pretty good arm strength to push the tube down – thank you Jo Wicks and boxing!


My perfect beans are the Monmouth espresso blend,or if I can’t get hold off them then these are a very close second from a local coffee roaster in Hove called Small Batch.


This Delonghi blender allows you to grind the beans finely or coarsely – bit noisy but does the job perfectly.


I prefer whole milk. Skimmed and soya just don’t taste as good. I never froth, only warm the milk in a little jug in the microwave (less washing up than a saucepan and easier to pour). This is a perfect little creamer jug. It’s from a great little shop in Brighton called Workshop.100x100.fit.609302_1

I like it strong and smooth (like my men – boom boom!) – ends up a bit like a Cortado.


I drink it from this mug every day – I’d probably give up coffee if I dropped it.

Lily Pond Mug by Anthropologie

If I am making more than one cup I use my Lavazza Mio Favola Plus machine. It replaced a Nespresso after a holiday in Italy where they had the Lavazza machine and I’ve never looked back. Also, as a bonus they sell the pods in Waitrose and Tesco.favola_plus_black_frontale_aeg

These double walled Dualit cups and saucers are very good as they keep the coffee hot for longer.9139-107 (1)

It does sound all very pernickety but it’s the small things in life that count (especially at 6.30am).

Here I am in very good company!


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