Trainer Heaven

I was about to have a good moan about the weather and how I’m still not wearing sandals but traipsing around in trainers and boots . But lo and behold we have experienced a mini   heatwave – although rain predicted for tomorrow afternoon so don’t book that pedicure.

Trainers are my favourite everyday shoe as I am on my feet most of the day, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

We were stuck at home this half term, one of the girls had a rotten cold and was camped out on the sofa, the other now has exams and was studying. In between  playing nurse and teacher (which is a real laugh – thank god for the internet) and dodging the rain to take the dog out walking, I spent some time online wishlist shopping.

My trainer collection is ok but there is always room for improvement. These are the ones which caught my eye.

Sarenza is a good site for brands which aren’t so readily available in the UK and they tend to have lots of discounts,  Monshowroom is also worth a look. They both stock Meline whose trainer and hi-top styles are very similar to Golden Goose Deluxe but about a third of the price. Crime London  are a little known Italian brand who do very cool looking soft buttery leather hi -tops, I can’t recommend them enough.

614023_in_pp (1)

Nike Free 5.0


Eytys Mother Suede


Nike Midnight Blue Suede Air Max 90


672732_in_pp (1)

Nike Tier Zero Air Max 90


754901_in_pp (1)

Nike Quickstrike Air Max Zero

754900_in_pp (1)

Nike Quickstrike Air Max Thea


Meline kahal mult glitter



Meline kahal glitter green



Meline Egam


Crime London black hi top


Crime London Python hi tops


Reebok Omni Lite

I haven’t posted any Superga, Converse or Stan Smiths – they are all classics and  everyone loves them. This was to hopefully introduce you to a few different mid price brands. Really hope you like them and please let me know if you think I’m missing out on any.

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