Let the music play

Off to the Wildlife Festival this weekend, we went last year and had a brilliant time. I was  worried about being too old but we upgraded to VIP and felt very much at home. It was the same vibe as dancing around your kitchen with your friends (the sun and alcohol had nothing to to with it!).

Last year I wore denim shorts and a floaty blouse, the weather was beautiful and I didn’t need anything else. This time my 15 year old is going with her squad (is that right? sounds ok but probably not as it’s come from her mum). They aren’t in the VIP section which is just as well for all concerned.

So what to wear? Can’t go trying to look like one of the kids and I’m too old for full on boho/hippy. Weather ok, but definitely not scorching hot and it might rain which makes it even harder.

After having a look at Pinterest and Google Images – I’m still none the wiser. There seem to be only a few choices, none of which will work for me.paloma-faith-beyonce-kate-moss-glastonbury-fashion


See what I mean!!

What I’m after is a dress or jumpsuit that I can wear a denim jacket over, so no cold shoulder I’m afraid. I will pop a sweater and poncho into hubby’s rucksack. My poncho is enormous so if it rains it doesn’t matter what I wear. This isn’t me in the photo and I hope there will be more people at the festival!ianac-rainwave-sorel-3-768x1024@2x

I’m off to Bluewater tomorrow to have a panic buy, but in the meantime I have spied these options.




Very pretty and I could toughen it with some ankle boots and maybe a belt, but Little House On the Prairie is springing to mind.

Open work panel dress














This jumpsuit could be very useful – easy to dress up or down, I’m thinking a pair of Superga might work to the festival.

Printed Wrap Jumpsuit















This print is lots of fun and very summery and with gold accessories and a tan it would look fab.

Floral Print Jumpsuit













Another white dress, this has a boho feel but not too much. Only wear it with a tan though.

Embroidered Dress









63073557_78-99999999_01 (1)



The styling of this dress is good with the boots and leather biker jacket nonchalantly dragging on the floor, I can feel my inner rock chick coming out. Now reduced to £16.99.

Embroidered Panel Dress

















A bit off brief but this jacket would look great with denim shorts and a simple t shirt. The detail at the back gives it that little extra something.

Cotton Embroidered Jacket











I’ve added this little combo , I know it isn’t a dress or jumpsuit but  I like it.

Striped Shorts and Marl Jumper














Next on my mission is Free People who specialise in grunge/boho/victorian style. Their website is huge and and it’s easy to get lost in the romance of it all.Check out these dresses.





Modern Kimono Dress















Embroidered Fable Dress


















Now That I’ve Found You Dress

This my favourite and I love it’s name.











Lastly a couple of boiler type jumpsuits, maybe they don’t shout “Festival” enough but with a bit of styling who knows?




Private Benjamin anyone?!

Green Sleeveless Jumpsuit
















From Forever 21 (cough cough) here is a denim jumpsuit. I would of course wear the neckerchief and possibly soot on my cheekbones and a spade accessory!







Life In Progress Jumpsuit 

This is from a range which comes up large so definitely size down for a standard fit.

Again, I like the name, American companies are very imaginative!














Please check out my instagram this weekend to see what all the fuss is about. You might see some action shots!






















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