An English Country Garden

Can you remember your first perfume? For me and most of my friends it was Anais Anais by Cacharel. The bottle is very pretty and girly but the scent is actually not sweet, there is a definite woody undertone. It’s inspiration is white flowers, predominantly the Madonna Lily.

Forward a few years to when I was about 16 and preferring the headier scents of Opium by YSL and Obsession by Calvin Klein which are polar opposites to Anais Anais both in smell and advertising!


For my daughters’ first perfumes I got them Anais Anais too and when I smell it I do get a bit nostalgic.

I love the idea of a signature perfume but I do like a change every now and again. Over the years I have whittled down the perfumes that I prefer and usually have two on the go, a floral fragrance for the day and something heavier for the evening.

Now, I’m no “nose” aka Master Perfumer so my description could be worlds apart from what it is intended to smell like, and of course perfumes do smell differently on everyone.

Saying that, these are the lighter day perfumes (actually Eau De Toilettes to be precise!) that I buy again and again. If you haven’t come across them and you like floral scents then next time you visit Space NK, Cologne & Cotton or Liberty please give them a squirt and sniff.

Floret by Antonia’s FlowersUK100920009_ANTONIAS_FI have only ever seen this in Space NK. It is by an American florist called Antonia Bellanca. She does other fragrances but this is my favourite. It is inspired by her grandmother’s garden which was full of Sweet Peas. The bottle is very simple but with an ornate flower shaped stopper. Looks as good as it smells.

Jacinthe et Rose by E.Coudray



Edmond Coudray started selling his perfumes in Louis XVIII’s reign – around the 1820’s. Not sure if this is an original! Hyacinths and roses (obv) are what this fragrance is all about. As well as the flowers I smell lots of warmth too. This is one which I would take on holiday as it’s good for the day and evening.

Doson by Diptyqueedt_new_color_resize_dosonThis is currently on my dressing table and I’m getting through it pretty quickly. It reminds me of walking into a florists when you get that big hit of scent. Tuberose, musk and the sea are what it is supposed to smell of – not sure if I get all that but I like it!

Blanche by Byredo aw10byre897001899-assorted

Byredo have created  wonderfully simple packaging for their scents. A modern Chanel No.5. No dressing table worth it salt hasn’t been photographed and pinned without a bottle of Byredo on it. Blanche was created around the colour White and represents innocence and classic beauty. Me all over!

When the Doson has finished I’m going back to Floret. If there are any out there which you think could be to my taste then please tell me and I will sniff them out.

Denny x



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