Never judge a girl by her shoes


Back to life after a lovely long break with the kids, it takes me so long to write a post that I need to have a few days for the seed too sow in my brain. I now have no excuses.

This post has been prompted by my friend Laura who is after a pair of velvet chunky heels, she has seen some beautiful and eye watering expensive Prada and Gucci beauties and wants a cheaper pair.

I’ve set my investigative skills to the task (I’m waiting for a delivery and don’t want to tackle the ironing).

I confess that I found it difficult to find very cheap ones that I liked and I wasn’t sure how much embellishment or statement making she wanted the shoe to be so I have played it pretty safe.

These Sam Edelman block heels come in black too but I prefer the plum.



Something very similar from Zara


Again from Zara , very victorian  but not too fancy dress!


Not a shoe and not velvet but same vibe are these boots from Mango


TOPSHOP are spot on with the Gucciesque fringed pump, also come in other metallic colours.


And from ASOS are these eye popping fuchsia shoes.


Back on the boots are these which are a nod to YSL from & Other Stories.


Also from & Other Stories are these which have a real seventies vibe.


Well Laura, I hope that these few give some inspiration – let me know what you think or have I missed the mark completely!

Denny x



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