Suits You Sir

In my other life, you know the glamorous one where I wear heels all day because I get cabs everywhere. My hair looks perfectly tousled, I only drink cocktails, champagne and coffee and eat beautiful insta worthy food. In this other life I need a trouser suit for when I have a busy day of meetings!

But hang on – can’t I get away with a suit in my real life, the one where I don’t have any meetings whatsoever?

Yes I can, here is the proof. Nothing too formal, one I can wear with trainers or heels, a t-shirt, camisole or shirt – there is an emerald green shirt from Zadig et Voltaire which I love, will wait for the sales though.

Here is a selection of high street trouser suits, Tom Ford and YSL they aint but for a school run or night out they hit the spot.

Starting with this Zara check wool suit, not too sure about her pointy shoes, but I like it’s slouchy feel.


She is rocking her Jean Seberg crop and this suit ticks every box.


Winter White – you will certainly stand out from the crowd in this – very impractical for our british weather and I’m bound to spill some red wine after 5 minutes.Hey Ho!


ASOS only has a small selection of suits, loads of blazers but I want matching trousers.If you like colour then this is a pretty safe option.


Comptoir des Cotonniers is having a mid-season sale and this is now reduced, love the burgundy.


Royal Blue, very eighties. I like the simple styling, not for anyone shy!


Hope you like them, here is my inspo, some old some new – a pretty timeless look.

Denny x


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