This Little Piggy Went To Marks and Spencer

I don’t have the prettiest feet going, after years of abuse – mainly through netball and tennis, I need to have pedicures most of the year to keep them from looking like trotters.

So, when Autumn and Winter arrive and it’s boot season I’m not so vigilant. But what is going on?  The shops seem to have forgotten to put away the sandals because everywhere I go there is still a lot of open toe footwear on display.

I’m in a dilemma cause I want to wear pumps, trainers and boots but goddammit, I really like some of the winter sandals.

Whilst having a look at school shirts on Marks and Spencer I spied these beauties. They have gone into the basket, so I haven’t seen them in the flesh or tried them on.

Look how similar they are to these N0.21 sandals from Selfridges – £470, good old M and S only £29.50! They have them in copper too but online they looked cheap, I will check them out next time I’m there.

641-10004-5952300109_black_mAnother pair from Marks  which I liked are not my usual colour, but with a plain outfit and scarlet nails I reckon they will look amazing. They make me think of a mashed up Aquazzura and Kat Maconie sandal.


Another look alike from Marks are these velvet YSL inspired sandal, pretty colour, they also come in navy and cost £29.50


The real deal are £460 , but wow they are beautiful.

926-10004-8618200309_black_alt02Even if my toes hadn’t had some TLC I reckon they would look good in them.

Whilst on the issue of feet, I have recently started using The Body Shop peppermint range, my 13 year old daughter loves The Body Shop and introduced me to it. The smell is very strong and makes your feet feel very tingly and refreshed. However, if you are in need of something more heavy duty then Boots sell a swiss foot cream called CCS and if you slather it on and wear a pair of those weird rubbery slimy foot socks your feet will be as soft as a baby’s bottom.

I would love my toes to look like the ones in my title unfortunately they are more akin to these!


Denny x

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