Lost In Words

This is a quick post extolling the joys of Audible. I love reading but don’t always have the time to sit down and relax with a book, lets face it no one who has 10 minutes to spare will take it as an opportunity to get stuck in with their latest read.

With Audible I can shove my headphones on and catch up whilst travelling, walking the dog, household chores…endless!

A word of warning, it is all about the narrator, the beauty of Audible though is that you can send it back after listening for a while if you not feeling it.

I now have have quite a few narrators that I like and have listened to novels that wouldn’t usually appeal to me but have enjoyed because of their style.

Currently I’m loving Rory Kinnear reading Ian McEwan’s Nutshell, highly recommend anything read by Rory Kinnear.


Next is Ben Aaronovitch 6th novel in the Peter Grant series ,The Hanging Tree which is read by Kobna Holbrook-Smith. Peter Grant is a Met Police Office with special powers, he is assigned to a unique secret division of the police force. Bear with me – the characters are brilliant and comedic, please give it a go – I promise you won’t be disappointed.



I have listened to a lot of the classics and books which I have read before and still enjoyed them as much second time around.

A subscription is a great gift to give a book lover and one other bonus is that nobody can see what you are listening to – no hiding that cover on the tube or round the pool – Jackie Collins bring it on!



Righto I’m off to see if I have any credit left!

Denny x




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